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Tarot 101 - How To Read Tarot


 You're about to discover how to quickly & intuitively read the Tarot cards for yourself in a way that will give you instant access to your inner wisdom, crystal clear guidance and a deep sense of empowerment as you make important life decisions.

This free mini-class comes with a printable e-book with all 20 lessons that we cover in the class, and a printable tarot keywords quick guide!

By the end of Tarot 101, you'll be ready to perform simple and insightful Tarot readings for yourself.

Manifesting & Slaying Your Goals with Tarot!


 We often think of the Tarot as a tool for telling your future. But did you know that the Tarot can also be used for creating your future?

That’s right – the future is in your hands and you have the free will and power to create your own destiny, just the way you want it.

Even better, the Tarot cards can act as your guide to creating and shaping your future, showing you how to best manifest your goals and live the life you’re meant to live. 

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