Sarah's Story

I am an intuitive life guide, author, relationship expert, psychic and Mom to an amazing daughter and two boys!

My business and my life are beautiful. But not that long ago my entire life was a complete mess! Everything had fallen apart leaving me lost and confused.

I spent my twenties and early thirties rushing into relationships with men who mentally and physically abused me. I suffered from depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. I din’t like my life very much. Felt like I was a terrible Mom. I thought “This how my life will always be.”

After my first divorce I thought that it was time to make a change! Little did I know that the Universe could see that I had not learned some major life lessons yet.

I met my second husband and fell madly in love with him instantly. I ignored all of the signs, red flags, and gut feelings that this was not the right person for me! Instead, I followed my usual relationship pattern thinking that this would be different.

It was…

I lost myself completely in this relationship. I was stripped of my self worth. I pushed away people who loved me. I worked hard while my husband used me, drained me, and cried “poor me” for Four years. No matter what I did it was never enough. I became addicted to the highs & the lows of the relationship.

It was awful & yet it was exactly what I needed to finally wake up.

I needed to fall in love with someone who was incapable of loving me back so that I could finally see that I was worth so much more then I had known. At the end of the relationship I was an empty shell. The old me had died, and a new me was struggling be born.


I completely rebuilt my life and myself. The beauty of loosing everything (even yourself) is that you are given the chance to finally become who you truly are. Live the life you actually deserve.

It wasn’t easy!

I worked hard everyday. It was like detoxing from a life long addiction to drugs, except my drug of choice was unhealthy relationships. I cried. I learned how to actually feel emotions and express my feelings, my needs, my voice. For the first time in my life I looked in the mirror and accepted myself for how freakin amazing I am! There were moments when I was scared, unsure, ready to run back to my old ways so life would feel familiar.

Instead I moved forward, I healed, and I embraced a new state of existence that I had only imagined before this. My path became clear. My life became peaceful. I learned to follow the loving guidance that the Universe had always been sending to me.


- Sarah Jones


Do You Feel:

  • STUCK IN PLACE Like what you want feels out of reach?
  • DISCONNECTED from yourself? Your purpose? Your path?
  • OFF TRACK and in need of guidance?
  • Like your MANIFESTING ABILITIES are not working to their full potential?
  • That there is SOMETHING BIGGER FOR YOU out there?
  • Like there is SOMETHING MISSING from your life and that you're ready to bring it to fruition?
  • You could use some HELP AND SUPPORT reeling in that dream!
  • Like you're IN YOUR OWN WAY
  • Like you want to be more in touch with your AUTHENTIC SELF
  • In need of some guidance with WHAT'S NEXT for you?


I have this cool gift, I can communicate easily with your Spirit Guides. I use this gift to shine the light on what what guidance you need at this time to help you move forward into your best life! Ready for the magic?