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The Goddess Power Readings are here to support your personal growth, help you manifest your desires, get into alignment with your purpose, and help you fulfill your destiny. When ordering one of these readings your questions need to be about asking for clarity, how to get a better understanding of a situation, asking for guidance in your next right action, or how your intentions sees your world and your experience. If you need to course correct, the goddesses will help you there as well as confirm what you already know and give you a different perspective on where you are and the potentials for your future.

I am offering three specific readings for you to choose from…

1. Three Card Goddess Power Council Reading – This mini Reading will show you the evolution of potential in any situation you are asking about.

2. Special Guidance from the Goddess Mnemosyne – This four card reading is helpful if you need clarity about how a situation is still influenced by the past and how to move beyond it.

3. Four Jewels of the Goddess Reading – This Reading shows the potential evolution of a situation, each goddess representing a stage in the awareness and manifestation of what you are asking about.

**All readings will include an additional “course correction” card if it is needed!

Be sure to include which reading you would like when ordering. Readings are sent on a beautiful pdf via email within 48 hours of purchase.


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