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Looking for a place where you can fit in? Want to learn the tools you need to live an authentic life? Then join the tribe! We have an amazing Facebook Group full of women just like you who are connecting a supporting each other through the awakening process! 

As a benefit to joining the tribe you will also have access to Wisdom Circle, Live New Moon & Full Moon Rituals, and monthly Masterclasses!

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Then join the tribe for only $1 for your first month, and then $10 a month when you stay, which you will! But know that you can leave at anytime. 

Wisdom Circle

If you're like me, you're experiencing spiritual growing pains. You're evolving and your growing. At times, everything seems upside down, unclear, and even scary. But now is the time to focus your energy and your vision on the reality you wish to experience, the magic you wish to create. Don't let yourself get discouraged or distracted. Join us weekly for Wisdom Circle, a powerful group chat to help guide you on your journey! 

Live New Moon & Full Moon Rituals

 The moon is such a powerful presence in our lives—pulling on the ocean’s tides, and creating a rhythm for all life on our planet. Moon rituals are a great way to reconnect to the rhythms that we share with all life on Earth. It can also be a powerful tool to align with the ebb and flow of energy as we seek to foster a life of our dreams, and release the things holding us back. Each month we hold a live ritual to honor the lunar cycle and healing. 

A Few of Our Masterclasses...

Crystals & Crystal Grids

Explore the world of crystals! You will learn what they are, how they work, and how to use them for different types of healing!! Then we will take a look at how you can utilize crystal grids to help with healing and manifesting!

Intro to Chakras

Dive into the 7 chakras! You will learn what the Chakra’s are, what does it mean to have unbalanced/blocked Chakra’s, the benefits of having balanced Chakra’s, each Chakra’s location, color, purpose, spiritual lesson, issues, and Crystals + Essential oils for working with specific chakra’s !

Tarot 101

You will discover how to quickly & intuitively read the Tarot cards for yourself in a way that will give you instant access to your inner wisdom, crystal clear guidance and a deep sense of empowerment as you make important life decisions. 

Divine Misfits - Aligning With Your Authentic Self

Groups not your thing?

Let's book a one-on-one Session

With a Spiritual Strategy Session I give clients spiritual messages, guidance, spiritual counseling and empowerment. Often clients want to know information about people, situations and events. When the information is given to them then they may want guidance as to what they should do next. Spirit will give them the guidance and spiritually counsel a client encouraging them to move forward in their lives. Spirit could ask the client questions through me or visualize outcomes for the client to motivate them to be proactive. This is Spirit empowering the client through divine guidance. At times the Divine can be blunt when they know people are not listening and will tell them exactly how it is and what will happen if they continue on their current path. I have been guided by Spirit to do this and this can be quite direct to clients that need to make important changes.