Daily Message from Spirit – Uncovering Treasure

Daily Message from Spirit – Uncovering Treasure

Today our Spirit Guides want us to know that beneath the surface lies great bounty for us.

It’s time to look beneath the surface in our lives.

Abundance is waiting for us in many forms.

The secret is knowing that you deserve it and are worthy of it.

Something you thought was ordinary has the ability to be extraordinary.

So take a second to look at the people and situations in your life…

Sometimes receiving treasure is simply a matter of seeing life in a new way.

The treasure was always there…you just didn’t see it.

On our journey we will confront many dragons and overcome obstacles, and in the process we will discover the depth of treasure in our souls.

Often treasure is found in the most unexpected of places.

Sometimes after it seems that you’ve faced an inner dragon, you’ll find the hidden treasure.

Success begets success.

So as you begin to seek and find the bounty in your life, more and more rewards will follow.

Our Spirit Guides beckon is to go within today and face our inner dragon…what’s holding us back is within us…if we can do this a bountiful, prosperous, abundant path awaits us…

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