Daily Message from Spirit – Spiral Manifestation

Daily Message from Spirit – Spirals of Manifestation

You are in the midst of a spiral manifestation…

Something is coming into being, even if you think it’s further away than ever before.

How amazing it will seem when everything falls into place!

Suddenly what you have been thinking of creating will plonk into your reality, seemingly out of nowhere – because it was just around the bend, just out of view on the spiral of manifestation and you could not see it coming.

Sometimes when we feel the furthest away from what we want, we are actually closer than ever before.

You must hold true to your faith and keep working on your progress.

Forget about believing it when you see it!

Any old soul – or young soul – can do that!

You are a bigger, braver, more ancient soul….and you have enough faith to believe it so that you can see it!

There is no point in rushing to the bus stop…if you are too early, you are just wasting your time.

Better to live life at an appropriate pace and get there at the right time.

You don’t need the anxiety that comes from rushing towards your destiny!

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