Intuitive Psychic Readings

Intuitive Readings

An Intuitive Psychic Reading can show you where you are, where you are heading, and what guidance you need along the way! Sarah offers a variety of readings for you to choose from. Learn More

Online Authenticity Classes

Online Classes

Sarah offers a variety of online classes that can help you discover more about yourself, show you how to live in flow with the universe, and guide you on your path of personal growth! Learn More

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Join The Tribe!

Looking for a tribe of like-minded friends who are on the path to Aligning With their authentic selves? Then come check out my supportive online group of Divine Misfits! Learn More

Sarah Jones

As one of Rhode Island’s best psychics and life guides, Sarah provides Intuitive Psychic Readings, valuable online courses, and personal ongoing support on your life journey.

Sarah is a qualified psychic and spiritual healer who uses her intuition and spiritual abilities to offer guidance to all of her clients, encouraging them to  move in a positive direction. Since childhood Sarah realized she was able to see beyond this physical world. In her late twenties she began to feel the pull towards developing and using her spiritual gifts to help others. She began with family and friends and eventually she started offering private readings and support to others. She has become a sought after psychic working for private clients.

Sarah provides tarot card readings that are not so much a way to see the future, but as a way to see how the present is creating your future. This gives you the opportunity to change the present and create the future you want! Sarah is also a Psychology student who is working on creating classes, programs and readings that combine both metaphysical and psychological elements to bring her clients something they won’t find anywhere else.

Read Sarah’s story to learn more about her!

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