Surviving 2019’s First Mercury Retrograde!

Our first Mercury Retrograde of 2019 is happening on March 5th! Usually it’s the norm to be worried about just what Mercury Retrograde is going to mess up in our lives…But this year I want you to throw out everything you fear about this planetary energy!

All of this years Mercury Retrogrades are occurring in water signs and that is setting us up for a pretty amazing shift. If you have been struggling to tap into your intuition then these retrogrades are going to give you the push you need to do it. Mercury is the planet of communication so when we combine that with the creative, sensitive and intuitive energy of a water sign it’s going to help us enhance our intuition.

Get ready to tune into your emotions and start listening to your intuitive guidance.

This first Mercury Retrograde is happening in Pisces. You may be feeling a bit scattered and uncertain as we enter into this shift. To not only survive, but thrive, you will need to slow down! Plan to go back over a few things before your able to move forward with anything you have planned. Once Mercury goes direct you will have gained the insights and understandings you need to make things happen.

Mercury Retrograde usually unlocks new truths for us, and this Retrograde is no different. There will be a huge shift in your perspective on certain issues and situations that will help you look at them in a whole new way. This new view will show you what you couldn’t see before and why you needed to see it before moving forward. It will also help you learn how to communicate strongly and clearly when it comes to the important things in your life.

During this Retrograde try not to make any concrete plans or changes if you can. Once Mercury goes direct on March 28th you will be in a much better place to make solid decisions. For now just move slowly and pay attention to what is going on around you. The Universe is going to ramp up the signs because it wants you to trust that they are leading you to where you need to go. Take the time to contemplate what the Universe is showing you. You may not understand the meanings right away, but you will thank yourself for listening once everything comes into the light!

Don’t stress and let your ego fears get in the way of this magical shift into alignment with your intuition. Trust your feelings as they come and know that by the end of March you will find yourself feeling confident and ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

– Sarah

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