Embrace Your Destiny With The Full Moon in Libra on March 20, 2019

This year the Full Moon in Libra and Spring Equinox both fall on March 20th, ushering in a powerful energy for creating balance within ourselves and our lives.

Full Moon in Libra

Traditionally the Spring Equinox has been a time of renewal, new beginnings and growth. With the balance of both the day and night being equal it gives the Libra energy of this full moon just the space it needs to help us create something beautiful in our lives. Though this may not be the huge change we are all waiting on, we will certainly see the changes start to bloom in our everyday affairs. The stagnant energy of winter will finally be lifted and our eyes will be opened to the wonders of what Spring has in store for us! It is time for us to take small steps forward, focus on new projects, let go of what isn’t serving us, and find the balance that we have craving for so long.

Our Path is Illuminated

Spring will begin to bring us longer days and more of the suns light energy to help us gain clarity, insight, hope and joy. The sun brings us positive celestial vibes, while the moon brings us positive spiritual vibes. This combination of forces will allow us to see what could not be seen before, as well as understand what we are seeing as well. We can expect to be invited to dine at the table with our authentic selves on this day. The wisdom they shall share with us will allow us to perform a divine realignment, a cleansing of our spirit, and a connection to our path and purpose will occur.

Will You Accept Your Destiny

As always we have the gift of free will to do what we wish. Our Spirit Guides have been showing us the way to something magical that lies in our future. Yet our fears seem to have dominated our choices instead. This Full Moon in Libra energy will finally begin to allow us to see the beauty of the balance to come if we choose to take the path that is illuminating in front of us. It will be up to us to embrace our inner strength and courage so we can plant the seeds of our future destiny. These seeds may be choices, thoughts or healing that we decide to embark on. This powerful and sacred light energy will ask you to identify the intentions that you truly desire to manifest in your physical life. The Full Moon will ask you to let go of anything that will not help you breathe this to life. It will be time to let go of self-imposed limitations, fears and doubts. Instead let yourself imagine being connected to your true power, inner light and ability to create blessings, love and joy in your life.

What have you wanted in your life but not believed to be possible?

This day will be a good time to look within and remember your authentic desires…and then plant new seeds and ideas about what is possible in your life. This night will be the time to remove the blocks and limitations that hold you back. A full day of rituals will allow you to harness this powerful energy and create a magical alignment with your authentic self. These rituals do not have to be overly elaborate! As Libra holds the energy of duality I suggest choosing one daytime ritual and one nighttime ritual.

Here are some suggestions for you to choose from:

Daytime Rituals

  • Journal your desires! Really let loose and write down everything you wish for.
  • Morning shower meditation for clarity. Add some sea salt to your shower for extra cleansing.
  • Tea ritual – Brew a cup of tea while writing down your authentic desires. Then place the cup of tea over what you have written. Close your eyes and picture the energy of your desires infusing within the tea. Then enjoy your brew!
  • Clean & Clear your space! Spend some time cleaning up your home and then grab a smudge stick, open up your windows and clear out that stagnant energy!
  • Plant some basil – or even a mini herb garden. Basil is known to attract prosperity, success, peace, happiness, purification, tranquility and love. As you plant your literal seeds infuse them with your thoughts and desires for your life. As your herbs grow, so will your intentions!

Nighttime Rituals

  • Full Moon Meditation – Find a guided meditation on YouTube and get comfy in your favorite spot where you won’t be disturbed. Then relax and meditate, allowing all that no longer serves you to leave your body, while opening yourself up to the newness to come.
  • Try some candle magic! Whatever it is that you desire has a color associated with it. Use some google magic to find the color associated with your desires and pick up a candle in that color. Once the sun has set carve the words or symbols that represent what is holding you back from your desires into the candle. Then light your candle and allow it to burn for one hour each night until it is gone, taking away your obstacles one at a time.
  • Cleansing salt bath. This is one of my favorite rituals. Draw a bath, adding some sea salt and same lavender oil. Put on your favorite relaxing music, light 3 white candles, and then step into the magical cleansing of your bath. As you enjoy your bath keep your thoughts focused on letting go of the ideas, thoughts, or situations that no longer serve you. Once you are finished allow the water to drain out along with your fears, and then rinse yourself off with new refreshing water.
  • Magical Circle – There is strength in numbers so grab a few friends, some candles and your favorite crystal. Get together, light your candle and open up about what you want and what you feel holds you back. Allow each person to get it all out! There is no offering of advice or feedback here though. Instead empower your friends just by listening. Then, gift them your favorite crystal to hold on to until the next full moon. The crystal is a reminder of your friendship and that they can reach out anytime they need you to just listen!

What rituals will you try?

– Sarah

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