Daily Message from Spirit – Wild

Daily Message from Spirit – Wild

Well, well, well…Today Spirit says that you have wild, untamed spirit inside of you desperate to be unleashed!

It’s time to free it and claim the gifts of energy, power, passion and creativity that it offers you!

How long have you surprised your wild, succulent, outrageous and untamed self?

You’ve been dulling your senses and crushing your creativity!

You have made yourself small and lost your precious energy allowing bouts of anxiety or depression.

What has suffered because of this?

Have you becomes ashamed, hostile, cold, boring, over serious or scared?

I sense this fear of taking chances and so you settle for mediocrity, constantly trying to protect yourself.

The truth is that no one can judge you, punish you or hurt you as much as you can.

Give into your wildness and start living again!

This part of you is sensual, provocative, truthful, courageous, bold, passionate and alive!

It’s time to set it free!

Get out…. connect with nature and the earth…allow the energy from the ground to move through you…

Or if the weather does not permit remain indoors and find phots of people, animals or symbols which represent the wildness within you…

Take a few minutes to look at them and feel what they evoke in you…

Do this as often as you ca for the next month!

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