Daily Message from Spirit – The Moon

Daily Message from Spirit – The Moon

Sometimes you feel out of sync with life, frustrated that the universe isn’t providing you with what you desire.

Do you want what you want, exactly how and when you want it, and feel like the Great Goddess is ignoring you?

You may be wanting something to happen faster than it’s meant to occur.

Remember the conditions of your life are temporal and ever changing.

Maybe you’ve just been unaware of the cycle you are in, and so you’ve been missing the signals.

The moon goddess Mama Killa knows the cycles intimately, and she’ll let you know when it’s time for the next phase.

Mama Killa is always on track with the cycles of creation, and you must trust this wisdom.

Her alignment task for you is to recognize and work with the natural cycle you are in.

You will be amazed as alignment with the rhythm of the universe allows you to once again co-create consciously and surrender to life in life’s terms.

What a beautiful dance when Mama Killa offers you her support.

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