Daily Message from Spirit – The Future

Daily Message from Spirit – The Future

When you become overly fixated on the future, you rob yourself of the capacity to truly co-create a life that is meaningful and rich.

It’s because doing so gives your power away to something, some destination that has no substance.

It’s like you are wandering around in a ghostly place that the goddess Skuld warns you to avoid.

Perhaps you’ve been taught that better things come later, like getting to the wonders of heaven after difficulties on earth.

The truth is that you can get back into alignment, so consider this: Your Life now and how you respond to it are the seeds that will grow into your future.

Your alignment task is to remove all the weeds before they choke the life out of your intentions.

Bless your life today, find the lessons in the conditions of your world, and be compassionate to yourself and others.

We are all learning to find strength in our most vulnerable selves as the world changes rapidly around us.

The goddess Skuld is with you all the way and always.

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