Daily Message from Spirit – Phoenix Rising

Daily Message from Spirit – Phoenix Rising

Spirit wants you to know that what is falling apart is doing so in order for you to rise from the ashes with renewed strength!

This is not a time to create but a time to sweep away everything that has not worked in your life.

The resin so many things may be breaking down and not going your way is because the old cycle of your life is completing.

You may feel that you are walking through the fires of life right now in order to be cleansed and purified for your rebirth.

Soon you will not recognize yourself.

You are reclaiming your spirit!

If possible try to isolate yourself from the chaos surrounding you.

Now is the time for you to feel any pain that you have previously suppressed so that you can heal.

The universe has plans and opportunities that are better than you can imagine, so let go and trust and anticipate what is coming!

To help you along your path take some time to write down what you are afraid to let go of. Number your fears, from the worst thing that could happen to the smaller fears. Then write down what could be a possible gift of facing that fear….

Place your hands in the part of your body where you feel the most dear. Say to yourself or aloud: “I am willing to let this fear go” Imagine being able to take this sensation of fear out of your body and into the palms of your hands. Envision that the fear becomes a bird…surrender the bird to a Higher Source and visualize it flying away….

Repeat the word ‘Surrender’ several times.

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