Daily Message from Spirit – Liberation

Daily Message from Spirit – Liberation

You’re being invited by the Hindu goddess of liberation & revolution, Kali, to address the aspects in your own shadow nature that have held you hostage to old ideas that no longer serve who you want to become!

You can no longer define yourself by your victim story and expect to succeed in your life.

There is a beauty in liberation that is deep, fierce and courageous.

It rises up from a willingness to break the chains of the past in order to transform into something new.

You may be afraid to set boundaries with others, but the goddess Kali has come to lend you her daggers, for you must cut ties with the familiar ideas about life that have determined your place in the work of up until now!

Have you been holding back on shining in the world because you are afraid of the reprisal or judgment of others?

This helps no one.

You must step into life, authentic & glowing!

Refuse to allow the potential judgement of others to affect you.

Every day, claim your power to liberate yourself from caring what others think.

When you are asking for the wisdom to live and contribute, to do no harm, and to serve for the highest good of all, none of this matters – even if you must tear down what has been built.

Kali will help you when ever you need to be courageous, even when you are most afraid.

Be fierce & be loving & be willing to learn.

Life will respond in miraculous ways!

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