Daily Message from Spirit – Letting Go

Daily Message from Spirit – Letting Go

Spirit wants you to see that there is a situation in your life that has served its purpose.

You are being challenged to change your point of view and recognize that this particular relationship has run its course.

Although you might be afraid to let go, the universe has a new opportunity for you, which will allow you to experience the kind of passion and satisfaction that you have always dreamed of.

Saying goodbye is never easy and can make you feel like you are a failure.

You must not allow yourself to be persuaded by other people or your own doubts to keep holding on.

Focus on opening up your heart to a new opportunity.

Leave the baggage of the past behind you.

It is important during the “letting go” process that you are gentle with yourself.

Allow yourself to have alone time.

Do whatever you can to heal and let go of the pain that is holding you back.

Recognize that your spirit is beckoning you to grow.

If you find yourself feeling stuck in a point of view ask yourself “Is this my belief, or someone else’s?” “How does this serve me?” “Am I willing to let go of my fears and unfounded limitations?”

Ask the Divine: Please assist me in letting go of the situation, habit, person with ease and grace. Inspire me to move forward with freedom, lightness, and a feeling of completion. Bring into my reality new and empowering experiences, people and opportunities. Thank you! Then repeat the word ‘Clear’ several times.

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